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Feb 03 2010

excitement and pride.

So today my students had a unique opportunity.  One of the seniors who does community service hours in my classroom daily signed to play Division 1 college football today.  Another student at my school was signing with a D-1 school, too, and three others were signing with lower division colleges.  Our school made a huge deal out of it, of course, as it should.  So there was a really nice, special ceremony for the boys.  The whole high school attended–in addtion to their family members, of course–and I got permission to take my class, too.  OMG they were sooooo psyched!!!  It just overwhelmed my heart to watch their faces as they absolutely beamed with excitement and pride as he signed.  What a great thing for them to see.  I am so lucky to have a young man who sets such an incredible example for my students.

One funny part of the afternoon … although I tried my best to thoroughly explain what the whole signing ceremony was about, I failed on one part.  After the ceremony, the kiddos reeeeeally wanted to go shake his hand, give him hugs, etc.  I told them that we needed to give him time to be with his family, and one of them said, “Ahhh, but I’m going to miss my buddy!”  It was then that I realized that they thought he would be leaving for college immediately!  Ha ha!  I assured them that he’d still be here for the rest of their second grade days.  :)


The Quotable Student

Ms. Pribnow, I’m growing a beard.

after our idiom of the day was “at the end of his/her rope” … and I was trying to be patient while waiting for the kiddos to be QUIET so we could line up for lunch …   Everybody, please be quiet!  Ms. Pribnow is THIS CLOSE to being at the end of her rope!!!!!

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