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Oct 04 2009

October already? REALLY?!?

Oh my.  I’m not doing very good at updating this blog each week.  That must change!  Let me try to recap the past couple of weeks quickly…

First, I’ve had a few suspensions.  Some stealing, some inappropriate behavior (such as touching girls’ bottoms and lifting up their skirts), some CRAZY mad anger fits!!!  Never a dull moment. 

The most exciting thing as of late continues to be the presence of my senior football player/star.  :)  He comes every morning for 50 minutes and sits with a couple of my most active boys.  He makes sure they stay on task and do their work while I am doing reading groups.  OMG, it is AMAZING having him there!!!!!  Not only that, but the boys are really enjoying it and he is a great person for them to look up to.  One of them found his name in the school newspaper last Friday (in an article about the football game), and was SO excited about it.  He has had a tremendous positive impact on my classroom.  I pray continually that he knows he is valued … and that he enjoys his time in my room.  I was really glad last week when, after we’d been gone on a field trip, I asked him if he missed us.  I was kinda kidding, because I figured he was relieved to have a little break from us.  Ha ha!  But he said he did miss us, and he had gone with a friend to the classroom she helps in daily.  When I asked if that room was a little bit calmer, etc., he said, “Well, yes, but I like it here.  This is for me.”  That made me feel very relieved!  At least he doesn’t absolutely dread coming each day.  Ha ha!  And my heart just smiled like crazy this past Saturday when he was being announced as a homecoming king candidate at halftime of the football game.  When they read his bio, one of the things listed as something he likes to do was “work with kids.”  Knowing that he probably filled that ‘questionnaire’ out just a few days ago, I’d like to think that his experience with my kiddos has been something that is making him realize that working with kids is something he enjoys … and is good at.  Yay!  :)

Continuing to enjoy seeing my former students regularly.  I still have anywhere from 5-10 students stopping by my room when the middle school lets out at 3:30 each day.  That’s always fun!  On another notes, K (who has now been moved up to 6th grade) was sent to my room for a buddy room the other day.  Not good.  He is really struggling!!!  More on him later.

Finally, volleyball is still FULL OF DRAMA but something I am thoroughly enjoying.  This past week, I was able to draw on past experience and convince a couple girls not to quite despite being moved from varsity starters to the JV team.  I have also become a confidant for a player whose mother lives in a mental institution.  This girl goes to counseling because she has tried to take her own life in the past, and I’m hoping that our relationship can bloom and grow into something positive in her life.  Could write MUCH more about volleyball, but this has to be enough for now.  Why?  Because–as usual–I’ve wasted a lot of time this evening and I now need to GET TO BED so that I’m not yawning through the day tomorrow!  Ha ha!

More to come.  Not even gonna take the time to check this for typos, so hopefully it’s not too horrendous.  :)

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  1. JeNaye

    I’m applying for TFA this fall and I just found out about these blogs–I’m really glad that I have an opportunity to read about your experiences.

    Keep up the great work!

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