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Aug 22 2009

Oh boy. Ohhhhhh boy.

Wow.  Second grade.  In my lovely classroom, I have 20 students.  Three of which are little friends who absolutely bounce OFF THE WALLS at all hours of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!  OMG.  This year is going to be a serious test of my patience.  That’s all on that for now…

 Favorite parts of this week?  Constant visits from my fifth-graders-turned-sixth-graders.  :)  Ahhhh I love and miss them so much!  I’ve got a few who come in to visit on their way home every single day.  LOVING IT!  And, of course, there’s K.  …who I miss so stinkin’ much!  It’s amazing how one hug from one kid–no matter how much that kid raised my blood pressure last year–can make an entire day OK. 

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