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Jun 20 2009

we’re a bunch of textin’ fools!

A couple recent texts from 5th graders…  They make me smile!


Sorry to text you so early but what do i do cause im in a situation where i did something embarassin two years ago and its not like regular mistakes its like something i cant take back and my ‘friend’ might bring it up again and i prayed and im scared.  Really.  To the point where my reputation could be gone and teasin and i just dno’t know what to do.


Um well my best friend wants to hook me up with my friend C and he’s really cute and so is M (her current boyfriend) and i don’t know if M has another girl friend or not and if i am with C and we break up are friend ship is over and if i am with C then ill be cheatin on M but what if im waistin my time with M cause he got a girl friend? Please help me my head is spinnin and i dont know what to do, honestly.


You know how i would text you and the next day i was disrespectful?  A little.

     Me:  Yes, perhaps…  Why?

I wanted to apologize.

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  1. haha! That’s pretty funny, Audrey. Oh texting…

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