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Feb 06 2009

Men: Don’t treat women like hitting home runs!

I’ve been meaning to update this blog the past few days, but time goes oh SO quickly in the evenings!  Had to put this up for your enjoyment before I pass it back to it’s writer, V, tomorrow.  This wonderful piece of writing was completed for some spelling extra credit points…  I will copy it verbatim.

The Perfect Secret Admirer 

My description of a secret admirer is someone who is not mean, popular, rude, disrespectful, vain, bossy, negative, coward, starts fights, uncaring, non-smart, and most of all a problem starts or bragging all the time.  He has to be amusing, sweet, kind, loving, sensitive, someone who doesn’t treat women like hitting home runs, someone who doesn’t have his whole life already planned, and is kind-hearted.  He must have dinner covered, loves swimming, he can’t be arrested every time we step into a bank.  He should be just like me.


Oh, and just imagine that every “E” is written like a “3.”  I remember thinking it was fun to kinda change my handwriting, don’t you?  This young lady’s new handwriting style is just a bit too overlapped with numbers!  Ha ha!

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